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Recruitment and Headhunting Services


We understand that recruitment is all about ensuring the best fit, so that the right person is selected by the right employer and vice versa; therefore, while looking into the fitment, we also consider candidates’ cultural preferences, attitudes, ambitions and a host of other factors which are vital to the process. We tailor our service to fit our clients’ specific requirements. 




  • Our ultimate goal is to FIND, not only to SEARCH
  • We are not afraid of CHALLENGES – just the opposite we love them
  • We DO NOT WASTE our client´s MONEY on job-ads
  • We find HI-PO talents who are NOT ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR A JOB
  • A wide NETWORK of contacts and MARKET INTELLIGENCE  are our key success factors
  • We UNDERSTAND our clients´ BUSINESS and core needs
  • We act RAPIDLY- we find motivated talents within a short period
  • We REPRESENT our client´s BRAND with dignity during the project
  • We ASSESS candidates´ competences, strengths, motives, job-related risks with professional methods
  • We study the BACKGROUND of the candidate thoroughly just before hire
  • We SUPPORT our clients throughout the employment negotiation process
  • We take pride in presenting high-quality work – 
  • We provide WARRANTY to hired candidate